Impact of Children of Divorce

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The Impact of Divorce on Children
Karen Bailey
Liberty University Online
Psychology 210-Developmental Psychology

Divorce all by itself is painful. It destroys and its long term effects can change lives forever. It is never easy when a marriage ends and a family unit is shattered. There is trash everywhere and often not too many people to pick up the pieces. Divorce can be compared with entering into a war zone and not knowing where to begin the clean up process. How do you explain to a child that Mom and Dad are not going to live together anymore? Does anyone even realize the pain that is caused to children, by divorce? The divorce process brings to the forefront many family changes in roles and relationships. Children are faced with many losses during this time. There is much to be said about the impact that the divorce will actually have. The writer explores the short and long term affects that take place to the children and the family unit. Also explored are the wide variety of feelings children experience and the importance of keeping conflict out of their lives as much as possible.

There are so many assumptions made when it comes to the affects divorce has on children. On one hand, it is presumed that the child or children involved will be permanently damaged and never be able to lead a normal life. On the other hand, it is said that children will lead a more productive life due to the mistakes their parents made. It is the writers thought that the only real hope for a child who has experienced divorce is that the Lord will intervene and become the child’s source of strength and comfort. The writer intends to explore the negative effects divorce will have on the child, both in long and short terms, as well as, what type of adjustments can be made to avoid pitfalls in the later years of that child’s life. The writer also will review emotional stability and what venues can be used to help secure hope in the child’s future. Who does divorce affect and why does it affect them? Does divorce just affect one particular age of the children involved in the disintegrated marriage? Custody battles and who wins? Because there is so much information available on the subject of divorce, the writer wishes to express to the reader that they will touch base on several points and try to paint and overall picture of the subject at hand. While the intent of this paper is not to focus on divorce, but rather its affects; it becomes equally important to explain to the reader some statistics and facts that help expound on affects divorce has on children. The writer desires for the reader to have a simple foundation of facts so that they can consider the results. What would it be like to come home after a long days work and the kids are playing outside, the dog is barking and your spouse is packing? What happened to our happy family? What is happening to our happy home? How do we tell the children? All these questions and more may be experienced when a spouse asks for a divorce or one occurs for other reasons not written. Divorce is brutal and it has absolutely no restrictions of any kind. It does not matter whether one is young or old or what age the children are, it attacks with just the same force. Adult children of divorcing parents are just as apt to be effected about the divorce as those families that have younger children still living at home. Divorce Statistics

Over the course of many years, the number of divorces that occur has increased significantly. Statistics show that about 50% of marriages end in divorce [ (Daughtry, 2011) ]. This number multiplies as the age decreases. So, the younger the couple the more likely they may experience divorce. Younger couples would be more likely to have children. It should be noted that divorce increases as much as 40% when there are multiple marriages within one or both spouses. The likelihood of second and third marriages is pretty...
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