Impact of Celebrity Brand Endorsements

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  • Published : April 3, 2013
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ertyuGlobal Journal of Management and Business Research
Volume 11 Issue 4 Version 1.0 March 2011
Type: Double Blind Peer Reviewed International Research Journal Publisher: Global Journals Inc. (USA)
ISSN: 0975- 5853

Celebrity Endorsement And Its Impact On Sales: A Research
Analysis Carried Out In India.
By Dr Vipul Jain

Abstracts - The practice of celebrities being used for rendering services other than performing their actual job as either an actor or an athlete, such as endorsements has proliferated over time. Despite the cost and the risks involved with this technique of advertising, it is been used quite extensively in the present era. The instrument of celebrity endorsement has nowadays become a pervasive element in advertising and communication management. India as a country is known for loving its stars. The Indians idolize their bollywood actors and cricketers. The advertisers see this as an opportunity to grab and work on so as to expand their operations and promote their product. This dissertation focuses on examining the perception of these Indian Consumers about the celebrity endorsement process and the subsequent impact on their purchase decisions. Classification: GJMBR-A Classification: JEL Code: A13,A31,B25

Celebrity Endorsement And Its Impact On Sales A Research Analysis Carried Out In India.

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Dr Vipul Jain




arketers spend enormous amounts of money
annually on celebrity endorsement contracts
based on the belief that celebrities are effective
spokespeople for their products or brands (Katyal,
2007). Celebrity Endorsement is viewed as a billion
dollar industry in today’s era. (Kambitsis et al, 2002).
Various companies are signing deals with celebrities in
the hope that by using celebrities they can accomplish a
unique and relevant position in the minds of the
consumers. (Temperley & Tangen, 2006).Celebrity
endorsement is increasingly being employed across
various industries regardless of the product type. It is
known to be playing the role of a signaling strategy.
(Mustafa, 2005). Also According to Reynolds (2000)
celebrity endorsement can give a brand a touch of
glamour. Everything said and done, one have to weigh
the potential risks vs. the potential rewards as celebrity
endorsements are always a high-risk, high-reward
situation and there is always a human element that you
might not know about.



The topic of celebrity endorsements and its
elements is heavily documented in academic literature,
but what makes this research interesting is that it
enables us to understand the celebrity endorsement
process from an Indian consumer’s point of view.
About : Assistant Professor Sgrrits, 80 Patel Nagar Dehradun 9412900055,01352627102. Email: Vipulleoss@Gmail.Com

Not much work has been seen in the Indian light
despite the fact of it being perceived as a potential 69
market for celebrity endorsed products. Indian
consumer attitudes are changing at a rapid pace and
they are becoming more aware of the products that they
use to define their ‘self’. The research is carried out to obtain a view amongst Indian Consumers about
celebrity endorsement. Is it as positive as it is assumed
to be? Most advertisements, be it of any form, majorly
focuses on the young generation therefore their
perception about the celebrity endorsed form of
advertisement is of utmost importance, also getting to
know the attitude the youth provides the knowledge of
the most current incidents or attitudes of any country,
hence the youth has been...
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