Impact of Cartoons on Children

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  • Published : March 24, 2011
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Impact of Cartoons on Children

Indraprastha College for Women
Bachelor in Mass Media and Mass Communication
4th semester
2nd year
Anisha Tandon


“A child's life is like a piece of paper on which everyone who passes by leaves an impression.” - Chinese Proverb

Children are often considered to be the closest reflection of the omnipotent creator of the world. Innocence and purity personified, they are unmarred by the corrupt thoughts and practices. They resemble wet clay, enthusiastic and ever ready to be shaped in the manner the potter wants to mould them.

When we are born we have the capacity for motivation, experience, and training, and because of this our minds are very impressionable. Therefore, our brains’ development is a dynamic mix of nature and nurture, so it is important to choose a healthy environment for all children. Children ranging from the age of six months to about twelve years of age go through various stages of emotional and physical development. During this age however they have extremely impeccable minds due to which external stimuli have a major role in shaping their personalities. External stimuli can be broadly defined as natural and man-made environmental factors, biological and chemical factors, physical surroundings, social factors, behavioural influences and outcomes, genetics, and cultural and family influences and differences. These factors have an influence on the mental and emotional growth and stability of a child and determine majority of his habits and actions.

Television viewing, thus, is a part of external stimuli in a child’s life. A means of mostly entertainment and sometimes education, television viewing in children mostly comprises cartoons and children’s shows. Children have become much more interested in cartoons over many years and it has become a primary action to some lives.  Typically, children begin watching cartoons on television at an early age of six months, and by the...
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