Impact of Brand Equity on Customer Loyalty

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Table of Contents
Background for the research paper.1
Task 01 - The Assessment of Research Paper2
1.0 The Practical Area of the research2
2.0 Examples Of Other Studies Conducted Along The Researchers’ Guidelines.2
3.0 Explanation of How The Researcher Uses Relevant Literature To Build His Arguments While Comparing And Contrasting Other Researchers Work.3
4.0 Explanation of the Research Design4
5.0 Recommendation of the Study5
6.0 Limitation of The Study6
7.0 Research topics we have developed according to the guidelines of the paper7
Task 02 -The Selected Research Area7
1.0 Importance of the research topic7
2.0 Required Information Types For Study8
3.0 Literature Review8
4.0 Importance & Usage of Literature8
5.0 Research design9
6.0 Validity of the identified recommendation for selected research topic9

Research paper – Marketing Ethics, systematic Review of the literature. by Alexander Nill, and John Schibrowsky. Task 01 - The Assessment of Research Paper
1.0 The Practical Area of the research

Marketing Ethics: A Systematic Review of the Literature.

In here the researchers did not focused on a specific problem they focused on wide area of marketing ethics. This research paper is about the growing field of marketing ethics researches, which are going to investigate many aspects of marketing that have an ethical dimension. Regarding this practical area the researcher evaluate the systematic review of the literature by (1) developing a categorization scheme for marketing research and (2) by analyzing via content analysis-all journal articles , which have been revealed by a major search engine for the time span 1981 to 2005 , in terms of quantity, nature &scope, topical areas, and publication outlets. Under this research, researchers tried to analyses practical area through various criteria. * How many systematic literature reviews was developed within 25 years? * Did it show a growth or recession?

* In which area did it happen?

1.1 Importance of Understanding the Practical Issues
For Marketers
* Provide recipe like guidance for marketers facing ethical questions * Marketers can understand and address very well with different stakeholders Because there is a problem that marketers often have to face when trying adhere to different values of different stakeholders * Marketers can expand the list with ethics specific topics relevant for marketing * Through referring & identifying the literature the marketers can build good reputation in their business field also they can secure or avoid legal problems arising when violating marketing ethics. For Marketing Academics

* They can get deepest knowledge about the most important part in marketing ethics. * They can focus on certain area in marketing ethics which got less attention or importance in literature, for their future studies and academic purposes. 2.0 Examples Of Other Studies Conducted Along The Researchers’ Guidelines.

We have selected five studies conducted along the guidelines given by the researcher in the article. They are,
1. A general theory of marketing ethics (Shelby D. Hunt and Scott Vitell) 2. Normative perspective for ethical and socially responsible marketing(Gene R. Laczniak and Patrick E. Murphy) 3. Global marketing ethics(Alexander Nill)

4. Marketing ethics : factor influencing perceptions of ethical problems and alternatives. (Anusorn Singhapakdi and Scott J. Vitell)
5. A General theory of marketing ethics : A revision & three question. (Shelby D. Hunt and Scott J. Vitell)
2.1 Relationship and differences among above related articles and discussing article. I. A general theory of marketing ethics.
This research by Hunt and Vitell has been a major foundation for our discussing article, because * They have divided literature into broad categories such as normative and positive or a combination...
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