Impact of Biometric Attendance System on Organisations

Topics: Biometrics, Iris recognition, Fingerprint recognition Pages: 3 (790 words) Published: May 28, 2013
Information security has always been a topic of concern to most organizations’ around world as an emphasis on new techniques to secure the identity of a legitimate user is regarded as top priority. In addressing such an issue, organizations have used traditional ways of authentication factors “what you have” and “what you know” in the form of smart cards and passwords respectively. But biometrics is based on the factor “who are you” by analyzing human physical or behavioral characteristics. Biometric technology offers advanced verification for humans, identifying them through physical measurements of unique human characteristics such as fingerprints, iris scan, facial recognition etc. The main goal of this paper is to explore the positive and negative impact of biometric technology on organizations taking into cognizance the employer and employee perspective. This term paper is developed in four major sections. The first section gives a concept definition of biometric technology and gives a brief history of biometrics, it then explorers its use in organizations. The next section explores the views of various authors’ about the subject matter, then goes further to critic these views. The next section presents the numerous advantages and disadvantage of biometric technology, this section is rounded up by discussing the overall impact of biometric technology on employee attendance and the nature of gains. The next section analyses the process of implementation, bottlenecks and discusses the structures (training, regular power supply back up etal) that need to be in place before a successful implementation is achieved. It further explores the employer employee perspective. In conclusion, it outlines the implication of introducing biometric technology in Organizations. Finally, it identifies area of further study. For the purpose of this study, the use of biometric technology is limited to organizations. Biometrics is also limited to finger print...
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