Impact of Advertising on Children

Topics: Nutrition, Infomercial, Food Pages: 13 (4583 words) Published: March 25, 2013
Interdisciplinary Journal of Research in Business

Vol. 1, Issue. 9, (pp.01- 06) September, October, 2011

The Role of Television Advertising and Its Effects on Children Amin Asadollahi1
Student of PhD Marketing Management, Science and Research Branch Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran Email:

Neda Tanha
Student of advertising and Marketing, University of Applied Sciences, Tehran, Iran Email:

ABSTRACT The prevalence of obesity and the growing increase of obesity in children with the academic, political and social issue has been.TV ads show a significant relationship between consumption) advertised brands, b) a variety of high-energy foods advertised, c) all the food there. Most children are aware of the intention, but the ads are skills that do not use them unless explicitly noted that the response should be. Policymakers, consumers and those involved with organizations related to children's services can be more powerful to have kids. Beginning with a powerful strategy to enhance food safety information between children and their families at the start and then focus on increasing children's consumer skills. Keywords: Television Advertising, Perception, Children, Foodstuffs INTRODUCTION If the TV to a (public university) can be interpreted that all segments of the population of each age range who are under the covers, not of fortune. Hence it is necessary to direct its programs to be more investment. TV should not be considered as a source of income if you think that the media is the most important. For lack of the necessary costs of functions that are expected to have a media will have a negative effect. Perhaps one of the major pests that lurk in the media sat on this topic is the creation of private television. (Power) and (capitalistic) are two large chains of many large and small have turned to captive So chances are the custodians of authoritarian capitalist and some high And assuming that some of them are innocent of power and capitalism ,There are people around the powerful and the media to focus on the desired direction. So probably the custodians of these chains are held consciously or unconsciously .It seems the idea is to follow the great danger that should remain unaware of it. The arrangements with regard to the prevalence of obesity in childhood are increasing worldwide Large and important role in the TV ads for food has been distributed. (Boyland et al., 2008, 780). The prevalence of obesity and the growing increase of obesity in children with the academic, political and social issue have been. Among the various factors identified as possible reasons for the rise in childhood obesity Trends such as changes in leisure activities and knowledge of nutrition, growth in television advertising is especially important for children. Unintended effects of advertising on children include: Ask the children, materialism, and take note of despair, dissatisfaction with family life and the conflict is. Unintended effects of advertising on children from early 1970 began the second half of this decade; the rate reached its peak and has declined over the past few years. Research shows a decline from 1980. The reclamation research and advertising effects on children (Especially today's kids are more vulnerable to advertising) and the two decades prior to the advertising business has increased significantly. Advertise on this ideology that developed the property and assets are important and critical quality like beauty; success and happiness are attainable only with acquiring material possessions. The results of these promotions to increase demand for purchase by children and indirectly increase the child's parents are fighting. The ads lack the purchasing power of parents, or refuse to cause unhappiness and discomfort in children are buying. Advertising products customized with a world full of beautiful people show in the real world while their children are compared...
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