Impact Diet on Health

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  • Published : May 7, 2011
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Diet makes people think as a weight loss regime. The majority of people think it is products with low calories, and help you to control your weight. But the actual meaning is a process of eating food or nutrients vitamins. Healthy diet and nutrition have a positive impact on human health. On the other hand poor diets have harmful lasting effects. If a human does not have a good diet the body won’t have any nutrients to play the inside role of the body. Nutrition helps your body to be strong and to fight against diseases. Unhealthy diet can have consequences with physical body, as well as can affect your thinking and mental job. A poor diet can result to many health issues, such as heart disease, high blood pressure high levels of cholesterol, asthma, sometimes even diabetes. But a very dangerous problem usually caused by eating less than you are supposed to can cause Anorexia.. This mental and physical disorder is usually found in athletes, models or ballet dancers, who aim to get thin day by day. This syndrome can be found in normal people who have an unhealthy poor diet. It is more towards a physiological disorder, there is a stage of Anorexia Nervosa is when person is constantly dieting carrying to an extreme level, and that is Dale. Dale is when people try to loose much more weight than necessary, and they still feel overweight. They see themselves as very fat, and that’s what makes them to keep on loosing weight.

Force feeding anorexic people does not work, since there brain is mentally trained not to eat, therefore they will throw up if they are force fed. Having a poor diet can result many physical effects related to the extreme weight loss. Heart rate can increase, BMR, in addition to the body temperature all drop to low levels. When the fat in the human body is used, the body breaks the muscle tissue for energy, and that can result to heart damage. As well as if this disorder occurs in an age of puberty the body growth stops. Anorexic victims...
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