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  • Published : January 6, 2013
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Important Questions in Business Law
Long Answer Questions
Unit – I
1. “All contracts are agreements but all agreements are not contracts.” Comment. 2. Define Consideration and state the exceptions to the rule “No Consideration No Contract. 3. Define Acceptance. State the rules relating to Acceptance. 4. “Agreements in restraint of trade are void. What are its exceptions? 5. What is an offer? State the rules of a valid offer.

6. Discuss the provisions of Indian Law relating to the capacity of parties to the contract. 7. Define a contract. Explain the essential of a valid contract. 8. Discuss the legal rules relating to minor’s agreements. Unit – II

9. Define quasi contracts. Enumerate the quasi contracts provided for in the Indian contract act. 10. State various remedies available to an aggrieved party in case of breach of contract. 11. Distinguish between a wagering agreement and contingent contract. What are the rules relating to contingent contract? 12. Explain the term tender of Performance. What are the essentials of a valid Tender of performance? 13. State briefly the various ways in which a contract may be discharged. Unit – III

14. What is contract of guarantee? Explain its essential features. 15. Explain the rights and obligations of finder of lost goods. 16. Define bailment and explain the requisites of bailment. 17. When is an agent personally liable to third parties?

18. Distinguish between contract of indemnity and contract of guarantee. 19. Explain the rights and duties of bailee in a contract of bailment. 20. Distinguish between General Lien and Particular Lien. Who are entitled to a general lien? 21. What is meant by agency by Ratification? What are the essentials of a valid ratification? Unit – IV

22. Explain the term delivery of goods and explain different methods of delivery of goods. 23. Define the term goods. What are the different types of goods? 24....
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