Imp 2 Pow 8 Just Count the Pegs

Topics: Thought, Mind, Mathematics Pages: 3 (1176 words) Published: January 15, 2002
Problem Statement
My task was to find 3 equations, that would give me an answer, if I had certain information. The first was to find one that if you knew that there were four pegs on the boundary, and none on the interior, you could get the area. The second was if you knew that there were 4 pegs on the boundary, and you knew how many were on the interior, you could get the area. And last, if you had the number on the interior, and the number on the boundary, you could get the area.

The first two equations, were a preparation for the final, building up towards the complete idea. This helped, because I could complete the first two pretty quickly. For Freddie I drew a 3 column T-Table, with a drawing of the figure, the number of Pegs (in), and the Area (out). I looked for a pattern between the in and the out, and quickly found one that made sense, and I worked it into a formula. I got X/2-1=Y. Where X is IN (number of pegs) and Y is OUT (Area). This works in all shapes with no interior pegs, like Freddie described. I attached this T-Table.

For Sally I followed my luck of the 3 column T-Table, and drew another with the same guidelines. The figure, the interior pegs (in), and the area (out). After I filled in a few figures, and their properties, I noticed a pattern, and not long after, a formula, which worked for them. It was X+1=Y. This T-Table is also attached.

Now...the next was not so easy. Frashy's required a long thought process, and several hours thinking it over, logically. I thought that this next equation would be a combination of the two, it would have to incorporate what I had found out from both of the above. Especially the first. So I thought to myself what this equation, or formula, would have to include. And realized there wasn't 1 variable, but 2. Because it has the variable from the first, and the second problem. 1: The number of pegs on the border, and 2: The number of pegs on the interior. So this means that there are 2 IN's....
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