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  • Published : December 1, 2011
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Problem Statement:
Some families didn’t want to travel overland to California so they took ships around Cape Horn at the tip of South America. Say a ship leaves San Francisco for New York the first of every month at noon. At the same time a ship leaves New York for san Francisco. Every ship arrives exactly 6 months after it leaves.

If you were going to San Francisco from New York How many ships from San Francisco would you meet?

I assumed that entering and exiting the harbor does not count as meeting a ship. I also assumed that there was already (only) one ship at see and that it had traveled 3 months when the main ship leaves.

My first thought were ‘‘ok lets draw a picture” they were shortly followed by “dang i cant draw North and South America”. Then I had an amazing thought “The Americas form a triangle, I can draw a triangle!” Then i though that iI had got it and this was gunning to be E-A-S-Y.

Well first i tried drawing the Americas and failed. I then drew a triangle and labeled months on it. i took little ripped pieces of paper and moved them around the triangle and made a tally every time they met. After i did that i mad a version on the computer which enabled me to move things around and show my thinking better.

I basically thought “ how is she going to understand this” thats when i decided to put the “map” on the computer. I mapped out the paths color coded the ships and the routes across the water. After i had all the arrows in place i made dots with the colors and moved each dot month by month until they met up. I then removed the extra lines.

Both maps are provided on separate sheets of paper, but the little ripped pieces are not. This is because i lost them.

I used colored pens and paper for my first map and i used a computer for my second map.

I had no problems. i also had no help or assistance of any kind.

You will meet 6 ships during your travels.

My solution is correct because first of all I...
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