Immune Response and Hypersensitivity

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Appendix C

Immune Response and Hypersensitivity

Puncture Wound Multimedia Activity

After completing the Puncture Wound Multimedia Activity, complete the table below. List the four events of the inflammatory response covered in the activity in the order of occurrence. Rewrite the events in your own words, using vocabulary terms from Ch. 2 of the text.

Vascular Events in an Inflammatory Response
|Events |Simplified description of event |Professional description of event | |1st |Germs from the nail are introduced below the skin. |The skin is broken in some way, in this case by a nail | | | |puncturing the skin. When this occurs, it allows the entry | | | |of pathogens (germs such as bacteria) into the wound. | |2nd |Surrounding cells leak fluid that affects the blood |An immediate local innate response in the infected tissues | | |vessels. |is generated by components of the immune system which are | | | |present in those tissues. Those components of the immune | | | |system include macrophages (a type of white blood cell) and | | | |complement proteins (proteins that are involved in the | | | |initial immune response). | |3rd |The fluid affecting the surrounding blood vessels causes |Other immune cells (such as neutrophils), leave the | | |the release of other cells into the tissue. |circulation,...
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