Immortality: Life and Super Human Force

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  • Published : March 7, 2007
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I do not believe a viable immortality can exist. I think the question of immortality is ultimately and inevitably intertwined with the concepts and beliefs of any and all religion. To believe an immortality would be possible we must believe that something is responsible for providing us with this immortality beyond the livings control, or many people would have drank from the eternal fountain of youth by now. I believe that if the human race was, and had always been, unaware of the idea of a super human force responsible for life that the concept of immortality would have never arose. Granted that was inevitable with the evolving brain and social systems of early humans, beginning to wonder and come up with explanations for events in life as a way to comfort ourselves from the harsh realities of life on Earth. Although this seems to be a convenient argument to denounce certain beliefs, whose to say there is not some sort of super human force presiding over us; life on Earth can never give us more than food for thought. If immortality were to exist, with or without a super human force, it should only involve unaware beings. To give immortality to a self-aware being would be condemning that being to an eternal bondage of absurdity. Even if ever-evolving interests and ambitions filled your eternity, it would not be enough to contain the self-aware being from thinking himself to death, or his an immortal's cause, possibly eternal torture, boredom, or even going crazy (and possibly losing your awareness). The notion of knowing you will live forever, not grasping the reality or concept of forever, would be as fruitless as the search on Earth for the loss of absurdity. In order to have an immortality that would please me, eternally, would require the loss of the self awareness and absurdity of human race. In Richard Taylor's article, The Meaning of Life (19-28), he wrote of the myth of Sisyphus, putting his own spin on the story introducing the idea of the gods...
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