Immigration Solutions

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Immigration Solutions
Is amnesty a good solution to illegal immigration?
Nathan Thornburgh, Senior Editor of TIME magazine, in a June 7, 2007 TIME article titled "The Case For Amnesty," wrote: "Amnesty has emerged as the pariah term of the immigration debate, disavowed even by those who believe in its goals. But what are the alternatives to letting illegals stay? Deporting millions? Devising other punishments? Doing nothing at all?... Whether you fine illegal aliens or stick them in English classes or make them say a hundred Hail Marys, at the end of the day, illegals would be allowed to stay and become citizens under this bill [S. 2611]. That's amnesty. And that's a good thing for America. Amnesty won't depress wages - globalization has already done that. Amnesty will not undermine the rule of law... It sounds counterintuitive, but with immigration, forgiving a crime may be the best way to restore law and order. Amnesty won't necessarily add to the social-services burden... Amnesty would offer millions... a fighting chance at self-sufficiency and social mobility." June 7, 2007 - Nathan Thornburgh

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- John Kerry, JD, US Senator (D-MA) and 2004 presidential candidate, in a Sep. 4, 2003 Democratic primary debate in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in response to the question "Would you support legalizing undocumented immigrants in this country?" stated: "Absolutely. I supported and was prepared to vote for amnesty from 1986. And it is essential to have immigration reform. Anyone who has been in this country for five or six years, who's paid their taxes, who has stayed out of trouble, ought to be able to translate into an American citizenship immediately, not waiting." Sep. 4, 2003 - John Kerry, JD


Arnold Schwarzenegger, 38th. Governor of California, in a May 16, 2007 press release titled "Gov. Schwarzenegger Urges Congress to Pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform, Increase Border Security," available at the California Governor website, stated: "I am writing to urge Congress to act this year to pass comprehensive immigration reform. We must find a permanent solution to our broken immigration system, and I believe that this is our chance to restore America’s status as both a country of immigrants and a nation of laws. In California, we face a crisis not of our own making. The federal government’s failure to pass comprehensive immigration reform legislation is a reality we live with everyday in our schools, workplaces and hospitals. We can no longer ignore this issue or try to solve the problem at the margins. We need federal action to better secure our national borders and to create a temporary worker program that will ensure that every person in our nation is documented. Congress must address the problem head-on by passing comprehensive legislation that secures our border, protects taxpayers and creates a forward-looking labor policy to meet the needs of our economy." May 16, 2007 - Arnold Schwarzenegger


Tom Head, Civil Liberties Guide at, in an - Civil Liberties section article titled "Why I Support Amnesty for Undocumented Immigrants," (accessed Oct. 3, 2007), wrote: "Amnesty, combined with serious penalties for employers that hire undocumented workers in the future, is the only real way out of the situation we're currently in. It is the most decent option we have, and it is also the option most likely to secure the border and end the system of undocumented worker exploitation--which is precisely why our well-funded leaders in Washington have no intention of pursuing it. " Oct. 3, 2007 - Tom Head


The National Coalition for Haitian Rights (NCHR), in a Sep. 6, 2001...
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