Immigration Reform in the United States

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  • Published : November 17, 2013
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Immigration to the United States

Immigration has been a very large topic for United States government officials in recent years. Many people talk about the increase in immigrants from other nations, primarily from Mexico, and opinions vary between each person. It is suggested by some that immigrants cost native born Americans jobs and abuse resources like welfare that American taxes pay for. Others suggest that America’s economy is stimulated by growing immigrant populations and that workers help keep the American economy strong. Both arguments focus on the financial benefits that either getting rid of, or embracing, immigrants give to the United States. It is a selfish argument meant to appeal to American’s, but it does not take in to account the good it does for the immigrants themselves. It is not an issue of economy, but an issue of humanity that shows why immigration makes America better. In the article titled “Sophies Choice,” by Anita Maddali, she says that “The statements of anti-immigrant advocates minimize the consequences that certain policies have on immigrant children,” (Maddali 498). Children of immigrants are only one group that is harmed by strict immigration practices and those policies show a lack of empathy for those in need. Allowing immigrants to be pardoned and allowed to stay in the country will help many people escape harsh and harmful lives.

Current immigration laws within the United States allow for some immigrants to apply for citizenship, and it allows for others to be granted it if they are born within the United States borders. Citizenship is often the goal for immigrants seeking asylum in America, but it can be very difficult for them. There are many long processes to go through to gain citizenship, and many are turned away. But Anita Maddali explains why this can be such a difficult process. Her article talks about women who have children within the United States. Some of them are escaping from terrible conditions in...