Immigration Reform

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Immigration Reform
“The early North American Indian made a great mistake by not having an immigration bureau,” (Anonymous) Besides the United States upon immigrants that migrated from Europe. If we are saying that legal immigration should not be permitted, then, maybe most of the American white population should not be permitted to live here as well. For United States, the term immigration reform is usually used to describe proposals increase legal immigration while decreasing illegal immigration. While a lot of thought had been given to deal with various aspects of illegal immigration, very little attention is given to legal immigration. Questions are asked like, “Is immigration the general good of the country?” or “Most immigrants work the low-paying jobs, how are they given any opportunity?” Immigration reform should be used to increase legal immigration because it is beneficiary to both the U.S. and the immigrants. Legal immigration is best for immigrants because it gives an opportunity of an improved life for struggling people all over the world. It gives the legal immigrants a chance to get paid enough to feed their families when job opportunities were few, and show their skills. Many groups throughout history had sought opportunities, and had immigrated all over the world and have had success that helped grow them into a better and prospering nation and people. For example, this country, the United States was built on immigrant who sought opportunity, political, and religious freedom. ( If our country has grown from the foundation of such people, why wouldn’t immigrants come to America to achieve a better opportunity? Many opportunities are given to legal immigrants such as the right to citizenship and job opportunities for unemployed workers. Legal immigrants can gain citizenship through the process of naturalization. This allows them to have the same rights as the people of the country and people that...
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