Immigration Reform

Topics: Immigration to the United States, Immigration, Illegal immigration Pages: 2 (735 words) Published: December 12, 2012
Aaron Rodriguez
Composition I
Dr. Gonzalez
The Immigration Reform
For many years, the immigrant population of the United Stated had faced many hardships and obstacles during their lives; some during their short lives, due to the way America feels about immigration. This great nation was not established overnight, but it came to be through a process; a process called immigration. Immigration is America’s heart and soul, in fact, America dwells and depends on it. For some reason though, Americans more and more have begun to think of immigration as a bug that needs to be squashed. Beginning with making ridiculous immigration laws, spending millions of [needed] dollars on border security, and withholding peoples’ rights, America has fallen so low, it seems impossible to get back up. Because of the many hindrances this country has put in the immigrants, many of them, unable to afford the great amounts of money and the long process to reside legally, have decided to come in illegally. Unfortunately many of them don’t make it. The America that used to be thought of as a place of refuge and of comfort is now responsible for many lives of immigrants who were only in search for a better life. In order for these problems to be fixed, an immigration reform, with a path of citizenship, should be put into action immediately for America to carry out what it preaches in the statue in New York.

America has fought its way to portray immigrants as a disadvantage to this country. Television commercials, flyers, and campaign speeches often humiliate immigrants and brand them as criminals. Immigrants are presented “as scowling young Latino men wearing bandanas and sporting tattooed chests” (Friedmann, 1) instead of what they really are: sun burned men wearing hard hats while working from dawn to dusk on a toasty July day for minimum wage pay. Images like that one are the ones that should be, but are not shown on television. Illegal immigrants, because of their inability to...
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