Immigration Outline

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  • Published : October 25, 2012
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I. Thesis: Illegal Immigration has been a problem in the United States for the past few decades. II. Statistics:
a. State rates:
i. In 2006 an estimated 11,555,000 illegal immigrants were living in America ii. 2,930,000 living in California
iii. 1,640,000 living in Texas
iv.  35% of the California population consists of immigrants b. Origin
v. 62% are from Mexico (6,650,000)
c. Other
vi. About 40% of illegal immigrants enter legally and then overstay vii. About 40% of illegal immigrants enter legally and then overstay d. Crime rate
viii. .2011 saw 396,906 deportations
ix. 216,698 had been convicted of crimes
x. 44,653 convicted of "drug-related crimes"
xi. 35,927 convicted of driving under the influence xii. 5,848 convicted of sexual offenses
xiii. 1,119 convicted of homicide
III. Impacts:
d. Economic
xiv. They pay $7 billion in social security
e. Law inforcement and expenses
xv. costs $90 a day to keep them in detention facilities xvi. Identity theft is sometimes committed by illegal immigrants who use social security numbers belonging to others xvii.

f. Enviorment
xviii.  45 abandoned cars on the Buenos Aires refuge near Sasabe, Arizona and enough trash that a volunteer couple filled 723 large bags with 18,000 pounds of garbage over two months in 2002."[132] xix. Illegal immigrants trying to get to the United States via the Mexican border with southern Arizona are suspected of having caused eight major wildfires in 2002. The fires destroyed 68,413 acres (276.86 km2) and cost taxpayers $5.1 million to fight g. National security

xx. out of the 48 al-Qaeda operatives who committed crimes here between 1993 and 2001, 12 of them were illegal aliens when they committed their crimes, xxi....
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