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Immigration Issues

By | April 2010
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The English word migration derives from the Latin verb migrave, meaning to move from one place to another. Migration also means a temporary or permanent change of residence by one or a group of people. (pp. 605 Webster Dictionary) As far back as people can remember there has been a continuing movement of people from one place to another. These people all had different reasons for these migrations. Whether it be from poverty, famine , political persecution, religious reasons, or just for a chance at a better life. Sometimes these reasons will lead to breaking the law known as legal immigration. These numbers of illegal immigration have slowly been rising throughout this century. ( Lee M. Sharon Global Trends In Migration: Theory and Research on International Movements pp. 304-310 ) HISTORY

It has been proven that when ever a country becomes industrialized it attracts vast quantities of workers dramatically affecting immigration. Immigrants have also contributed many different cultures to societies around the world. In the United States official count of immigration began in ,1820. The numbers of immigrants in the United States in 1830 numbered more than twenty thousand. Immigration also increased from sixty thousand a year between 1831-1840 to two hundred sixty thousand immigrants in 1851-1860. Immigration is sometimes encouraged by countries such as after the American civil war, when the labor pools had been depleted from the casualties suffered during the war. After world war two many countries faced severe labor shortages many of them encouraged the emigration of foreign guest workers. ( Muller, Thomas. Immigrants and The American Cities pp. 20-50 )

Between the Russian revolution of 1917 , and 1921 about 15 million Russians fled their homeland for destinations in Europe and the United Sates. In 1920 and 1950's dissidents and several thousand soviet Jews were allowed to leave mostly to Israel ,and United states. Also in 1989 an...

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