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Should Immigration be allowed?
The United States as the great "melting pot" has become a myth. [Explain what melting pot means: It means that this is a place where all sorts of people (race, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, etc.) can live] The reality is that there is a continued geographic concentration of minority groups in certain regions and in specific metropolitan areas. This holds true especially for Hispanics and Asians, who tend to enter the US through "gateway cities" such as Los Angeles and New York and then remain there.

the Census Bureau identified twenty- one counties that qualify as "multiple melting pots" (see box below) where there is a significant presence of more than two minority groups. These communities will continue to become unique markets as the blending of culture and intermarriage transform their personality. Multiple Melting Pots:

California: Salinas, Merced, Stockton-Lodi, Fresno (41% Hispanic 8% Asian), Vasalia-Tulare-Porterville (Hispanic 45% Asian 5%), Yuba City (Hispanic 18% Asian 11%) , Modesto (Hispanic 27% Asian 6%), Sacramento-Yolo (Hispanic 14% Asian 9%), Santa Barbara (Hispanic 32% Asian 5%), San Diego (Hispanic 25% Asian 9%) , San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose (Hispanic 19% Asian17%), and Los Angeles-Riverside-Orange County (38% Hispanic, 10% Asian).

Texas: they include Laredo, Odessa-Midland( 37% Hispanic 2% Asian), Houston-Galveston-Brazoria (Hispanic 24% Asian 4%), Killeen-Temple (Hispanic 15% Asian 4%) , Brownsville-Harlingen-San Benito (Hispanic 15% Asian 3%), McAllen-Edinburg-Mission (Hispanic 15% Asian 1%).

Other: New York,-New Jersey-Long Island-Connecticut- Pennsylvania (Hispanic17% Asian 6%) Chicago-Gary-Kenosha (Hispanic 13% Asian 4%) and Washington, DC-Baltimore, MD (Hispanic 5% Asian 5%)

The decline in Japanese population may be attributed to a decline in their population growth.|

Los Angeles is home to one fifth of the US Hispanic population.
California will achieve a statewide "minority majority" in 2004 and Texas by 2010. Though the volume of illegal immigrants is difficult to estimate, its estimated through a consensus of methods, that the number is approximately 3.2 million, lowered by the amnesty of 1987-1988, but not very different from the previous decade. The rate of illegal immigrants is agreed by experts to be about 250,000 to 300,000 per year. More than half of illegal immigrants enter the US legally and overstay their visas.

There were an estimated 38 million immigrants in the United States in 2008, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. In 2010, 9.6 million came from Mexico, 1.9 million from China and about a million from Canada.

The foreign-born population of the US is 12.5% of the total population (in 2010). Los Angeles is home to one fifth of the US Hispanic population. 48% of the L.A. population is Hispanic. Mexican and Latin-American immigrants and continued high fertility rates account for the increases.

As the country debates stricter enforcement of immigration laws, thousands of people who are not American citizens are being locked up for days, months or years while the government decides whether to deport them. Some have no valid visa; some are legal residents, but have past criminal convictions; other are seeking asylum from persecution.

Fifty-eight percent of the illegal immigrant population is from Mexico

The Obama administration said Friday that it will stop deporting illegal immigrants younger than 30[->0] if they were brought to the United States as children and meet certain other requirements.

Twenty-four percent of illegal immigrants reside in California; 16% reside in Texas. (DHS) 2008: The Department of Homeland Security removed 97,100 criminals who were also illegal immigrants. Of those, 36% had been convicted of drug-related crimes.

2010: The total number of unauthorized immigrants in the nation's labor force in United States is 8 million. They made up 5.2% of the labor...
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