Immigration in the Uk

Topics: Immigration to the United States, Immigration, Illegal immigration Pages: 2 (835 words) Published: April 9, 2013
In the United Kingdom immigration is a serious concern for many people. Each day, hundreds of people smuggle themselves into the UK in a variety of ways: cars, lorries, planes and boats, trying to make their own lives better. This can be extremely dangerous as many die on their journey into this country. To combat the influx of illegal immigrants there are many agencies that operate in order to prevent anyone from entering the country illegally. However, illegal immigration is not the only kind of immigration in this country. There are also hundreds of thousands of legal immigrants in the country, people who have been successful in gaining citizenship. While legal immigrants have been beneficial to the country, the number of illegal immigrants entering the country is having a negative impact. Legal immigrants have had a huge impact on the economy of the UK. In every town and city in the country there are signs of legal immigrants contributing greatly to the economy – a sign which is evident as the aroma of different cuisines from around the globe fill our nostrils as we walk along the high street; a sign that is clear in the accent of many shop keepers; restaurants such as Di Maggio’s and many Chinese and Indian takeaways. However, legal immigrants also work in a huge variety of areas and are a part of the economy, contributing to the success of this country. Legal immigrants also have a massive impact on the NHS. There are thousands of legal immigrants working as health care professionals, improving the health and well being of this country. Many of these immigrants are non-Christian and, as such, do not have any desire to be on holiday during Christian holidays such as Christmas and Easter. At this time of year, the health care service is manned primarily by people who do not celebrate these religious festivals. Similarly, this also allows non Christians to take holidays at other times of year, when it is a time for their faith to celebrate....
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