Immigration in the 1920's

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  • Published : December 6, 2010
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Immigration of the 1920s
The way people were treated in the early 1920s would be considered outrageous today, but the discrimination has not come to a hault just yet. After carrying on for years, immigration laws are still being established today. Immigration has had a huge impact on modern day America because it created the quota laws, which have successfully helped the immigrants find their place in this society today, and discrimination has decreased dramatically, but has not concealed itself from this problem completely.

The immigrants wanting to come to our country saw our world as a new start or even a new life for them, that’s when 1920s they decided to take immigration laws to the extreme to keep the massive flow of people out, “In 1919 a bill was introduced to suspend all immigration entirely while congress worked out a permanent plan for a more tightly restrictive policy” (Wepman 242). Although this law was only temporary, just shortly after more things started changing, “Signed by President Harding on May 19, 1921 called ‘the most important turning-point in American immigration history.’ An act to limit the immigration of aliens into the United States.” (Wepman 242). The limiting of the immigrants into the United States wasn’t the worst part, “One of the most painful results of the new quota restrictions was that they made no distinctions for personal relationships and often seperated families.”(Wepman 244). With of the family troubles that the immigrants had to deal with, “After the civil war the former slaves began to drift away from the rural south, where more than 90 percent of the black population of the United States had lived in antebellum era.”(Archdeacon 131). Even though right before World War I started, “Immigration dropped to new lows. During the 1930’s the annual quota was never completely filled, the total numbering less than 100,000 a year, and many emigrated out of the country.”(Daniels 247). With all these quota laws and such,...
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