Immigration in Singapore

Topics: Illegal immigration, Law, Alien Pages: 1 (256 words) Published: March 31, 2013
In the article ‘Se Habla Entitlement’, Star Parker addresses the issue of negative impacts caused by illegal immigrants in the USA. Although Singapore does not have major problems with illegal immigrants, the foreigners who have settled down legally in our country are causing the locals to worry for their own future.

Looking through the news, the amount of articles reporting the unhappiness of Singaporeans with foreign talents have been increasing. They complain about foreigners stealing their jobs, raising the cost of living, polluting the civilized local culture and more. Citing a recent example, bus drivers of a certain foreign country held a strike, which was something that had never happened in Singapore since independence. The locals were enraged by their behaviour, and legal action was taken against them.

Personally, I had also experienced unpleasant encounters with foreigners. I have heard them talking loudly on the phone in public transport, disturbing the passengers. I had been shoved aside by rude foreigners barging their way through the crowd as if they own the roads. I have sat on a bus driven by a foreigner that made me worry about whether I could reach my destination alive.

I feel that foreigners should have humble attitudes whenever they are out of their homeland. Rather than behaving freely like how they do in their homelands, they should respect and learn the culture of their new ‘home’. Perhaps Singapore should set higher standards when taking in foreign talents and workers. Or maybe, Singaporeans should just stop complaining and deal with it.
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