Immigration in America

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  • Published : March 13, 2013
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Anndasol Hernandez
English 1301
February 24, 2013
Economics on Immigration in America

There are many misconceptions about immigration in the United States. They need to be cleared up if the country wants to evolve and grow as a prospering nation that allows and invites new people, ideas, and opportunities. Many anti immigration reformists believe that immigrants would increase crime rates, take jobs and lower wages from native born citizens, and that they are generally an economic burden in America. In this informative essay I will address the error in false ideals on immigration and debunk them with substantial evidence.

In America, there is a false belief that immigrants increase the crime rate. This is wrong because a recent study by The Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC), proved that “Immigrants in California are far less likely than U.S-born Californians are to commit crime.” While people born outside of the country make up about thirty-five percent of California’s adult population they account for only seventeen percent of the adult prison population.

Another misconception is that immigrants take jobs from native-born citizens and lower their wages. Studies done by the Equal Rights Center (ERC), show that immigrants “contribute to job growth by taking jobs in labor-scarce regions or by filling the types of jobs that native workers often shun such as meat packing poultry processing.” In regards to wages, it is estimated by George Borjas, an economist and Harvard Professor, that “wages of low-skilled U.S workers are lowered by three or eight percent because of competition from immigrants.”

Lastly, according to an online service conducted by The Economist Intelligence Unit found that foreign talent “remained constant despite the recession”, ”enhanced skills and talent of workforce”, and “gave them competitive advantages that provided insight for global markets.”...
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