Immigration in 19th Century

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Luis Calderón
Christopher Davis
History 1302
18 January 2013
Immigration in the 19th century
In the 19th century the U.S was known as the golden door, due to the many opportunities the country had for all the foreign people. They were two types of immigrants: the old immigrants and the new immigrants. The old immigrants were from countries in north and west Europe and immigrated between 1850 and 1880. However during 1880 and 1910 17.7 million immigrants entered the U.S., these were known as the new immigrants. The new immigrants came from south and east Europe. With the arrival of the new immigrants some problems emerged such as the nativism .the native- born Americans were angry about the arrival of the new immigrants. However both, old and new immigrants shared common characteristics. Some characteristics were a “better life, to have a decent job, and s to freely practice their religion.” (Out of many […] 562) Stated the author John Faragher.

Having a better life was a priority to any immigrant entering to the United States. any immigrant entered the united states to start a new life. However some immigrants missed they loved ones and it wasn’t possible to adapt, due to this reason immigration chains started to emerge. For example if the Italian father leave his native country all the family followed him and then start a new life together, making it easier to all the family to have a better life with their loved ones. Immigration chain was one of the reasons there was many immigrants of the same ethnic group. Like any other person in the world the immigrants gather with their own ethnic group. Gathering with their ethnic groups gave them confidence so there was ethnic communities such as china town. The ethnic communities were like a mini part of their culture, where they lived like in his native country. All this factors made it easier for an immigrant to have a better life. Another reason for a person to immigrate to the United States was to have...
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