Immigration from Mexico to the Us

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A positive asset or a big expense?

Theme: The Cultural meeting
Subjects:International economy, English
Topic: Immigration from Mexico to the US
Table of Contents
Country portrait USA2
Issue – Illegal immigration from Mexico3
Push / Pull factors3
Future immigrants4
Issue - Linguistic Challenges4
Issue – Economical ups and downs from immigration5
Issue – President Obamas immigrations plans for the future5
Conclusion / estimate6
Annex 19

When you think about the US you think about immigration, both the legal and the illegal immigration. The United States of America is a country buildup around immigration. Ever since the possibility of fleeing chaotic and poverty hit Europe had become a reality, many chose to take the jump and take the long journey against the possibilities' country, America. Since the 16th century, where the country was discovered, it has been connected with "The American Dream" and a new start on life and a possibility to be able to create a better life for yourself, better than the one you knew from your home country and many immigrated for that chance. The only Native Americans are the Indians all others are immigrants, most often more generations old. The US also has the largest and most technologically powerful economy in the world, this means that a lot of people still believe in “The American Dream” and therefore try to immigrate into the US. We will explain the illegal immigration to the US from Mexico in our task. After that we will look at the pros and cons of the illegal immigration financially. Subsequently we want to analyze which influence the illegal immigration has on the United States economy. Finally we'd like to see on what the present president, Obama thinks of the subject and reckon which possibilities it opens up for in the future among other things the Dream act. Country portrait USA

The United States of America is a democratic federal republic with more than 9,6 billion km2 and a population of 310 million people. This makes them the third largest and third most populated country in the world. The US gained their freedom from the British Empire in 1776, and had first there been recognized as a nation. Ever since the breakaway from Brittan the US had a lot of issues on the national level. Among other things the civil war in the middle the 19th century. Up through the 19 and 20 century 37 new states was added to the republic, this resulted in the 50 states we know as the United States of American today. It was not until after the Second World War the US took place as a superpower of the world and it has since been the all-dominant power both political and military, which has created the university-polar world community that we know today. The US has one GNP at 15.29 trillion $ which is the largest economy for a single country in the world, GNP growth was in 2011 on 1.7 % which ranks as a no. 162 in the world. The US has a complete workforce on 153.6 million (2011) and GNP per inhabitant on 49,000 USDS (2011) this gives a little misleading picture, since the difference between rich and poor is huge compared countries with less GNP per inhabitant.

The US has an unemployment rate on 9 % (2011) and an incredible 15.1 % of the population live under the poverty threshold (2010) the US is the result of a country with large immigration from many different countries over several hundred years, therefore the US is among the top of the countries in the world with most ethnic groups. The main spoken language in the US is English/American 82, 1% of the population speaks that while a staggering 10,7 % of the population only speaks Spanish this creates a lot of barriers and challenges for the country. Issue – Illegal immigration from Mexico

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