Immigration Essay

Topics: United States, Bugs Bunny, Death Pages: 1 (267 words) Published: March 21, 2013
About twenty-six Mexican men risked their lives on the journey to cross the deadly desert to the United States. As their “coyote”, Jesus Mendez was paid to guide the men (referred to as “walkers”). By the end of the journey, fourteen men had died while Mendez and the rest of the twelve men survived. As a result, Mendez was charged and tried for 16 years in prison for manslaughter; however, the walkers were aware of the risk they were taking so Mendez shouldn’t have been responsible for their deaths and charged with manslaughter. Mendez understood what the walkers were going through, for example the walkers wanted to cross the border to find a job and make money to support their left behind families, money for school, and a better home to be. In the walkers packet it says one of the stakeholders is Enrique, he planned to find a job to get money for his son to go to school. Many of the walkers will only sacrifice their lives for their loved ones. One of the stakeholders is Don Moi. He should be the one who is responsible for the fourteen men (walkers) because he’s the on who the walkers were depending on. And the walkers have no clue how to cross the border with any types of techniques. Don Moi is a coyote and hustler. He’s the one that has to guide the walkers to cross the border, the Coyote packet states,” Don Moi made it clear that he couldn’t be responsible” He should be responsible for all of the walkers that had died.
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