Immigration English 12cp

Topics: United States, Immigration to the United States, Population Pages: 1 (345 words) Published: January 24, 2013
Ms. Miller
English 12 CP
November 28, 2012

There are many problems facing this country today. Problems which happened have happened a long time ago, or ones that appeared just yesterday. There will always be problems because this world isn’t perfect. However, there are problems that are inevitable as well as some that are preventable. Immigration is preventable, and people do it everyday.

Immigration is impacting this county drastically much more than most know. Jobs are being taken away from Americans, there will be a future issue with overpopulation, and there always is the terrorism threat. The US needs better border control. There are things that happen in this country that not able to be controlled, but there are many more things that can. The idea behind it all is to be in control. There is much to be said about immigration. It can be hurtful or beneficial. Immigrants provides cheap labor to the country, it also adds cultural diversity to the nation. Immigrants bring their cultural and religious views to share with the county. The mix of music, style, and food can expand understanding of the world in general. Jobs, immigrants will do the jobs Americans will do for a smaller pay and in today’s economy everything is about money, who has the most and who can keep it the longest. Why pay someone thirty dollars to do a task when you could pay seven twenty-five to an immigrant that will do the same job for a lot less. This could also cause the unemployment percentage to rise. Think about it, an average American loses his job and is given to someone who isn’t even registered in this country. It would be like no one replaced the employee. With only a loss to report there lays the question as to where the American’s jobs are going. The United States can only estimate how many immigrants are among fellow Americans, because there isn’t a census for immigrants. All of the ones who do report for the census are deported almost...
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