Immigration Challenges

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  • Published : November 9, 2008
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The policies about legal immigration status that they face to be allowed into the United States present quite a challenge for those wanting to come to the U.S. The rules and proper policies are very detailed and all paperwork with fees must be completed properly in order to be processed. The costs that are charged to file the paperwork are costly. This ensures that individuals that want to come to America are serious and committed to being legally immigrated. If I were an individual that was interested in becoming an U.S. citizen, the entire process could be very overwhelming. It would be more frustrating if I did not know and understand the language. That would make the paperwork process extremely difficult. As an immigrant, there are many opportunities and programs that offer assistance to those becoming a citizen.

The United States government should be selective toward the applicants that are allowed into the country. I believe that they should possess some talents that can be used to better themselves as well as the overall country. Many whom come into the country do not wish to become citizens, but only want to work for the allotted time and return to their country. I do not feel that the preference of citizenship should be given to those that show to be the neediest applicants, most oppressed, or the richest. I think that if there is a preference that it should be given to those who possess a specialized skill or talent. Those, whom are educated and established in a career or field of expertise, can be a great benefit to society and the country as a whole. I do not feel that it is proper to give certain countries preference over others. That, in my opinion would be prejudicial and wrong. I feel that if the applicant is abiding to the proper process to obtain citizenship along with paying the required fees that are incurred, then consideration should be given.
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