Immigration Border Policy

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Immigration Border Policy

By | March 2011
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Border or No Border
Immigration has existed since the beginning of the United States, and is found throughout the world. Yet, immigration started in a positive way; to help the new country come alive, but with time it has now become a national issue. One of the main debates our Congress is facing is weather or not a border is necessary, and will stop illegal immigrants from entering the US. There are different thoughts of this idea, article Border Fencing Is Bad Policy by Melanie Mason, states six reasons of why building a border is a bad policy, and is unnecessary. In Border Fencing Is Crucial to Ensure American Security by Duncan Hunter, debates the idea that a border is necessary, and will stop illegal crossing.

A major role always presented is: total cost. How much is really needed to build this border is one of the similarities presented in both articles, yet they each represent a different view of it. Mason uses it to her favor in believing it’s a costly project highly unnecessary, whereas Hunter believes DHS (Department of Homeland Security) has more than $1 billion at hand and is willing to dispense it. Mason did us the favor of attaining actual figures believing total cost to be approximately $49 billion, and not the $1 billion believed by Hunter. “The time has come for us to act, to do what is right and build the border fence”, Hunter. Both writers express their belief that something must be done. It is time to take action, but what action is our Government really going to take, what action should it take. Hunter strongly believes in building the fence. He believes America to have the necessary tools, to do it the problem is no one is really acting. Mason also believes its time to really solve the problem, yet why build the fence when she believes and has found research explaining that the building of the fence will actually lead to bigger issues. “It doesn’t work” is Mason’s first explanation of why the border should not be built. She...

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