Immigration and How America Benefits

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Why People Immigrate To America and How The United States Benefits

Millions of people immigrate to America looking for the “American Dream,” in search of a fair government and all types of various freedoms offered to people. America still has millions of people immigrating to the states every year and should continue to do so. People from various cultures and backgrounds populate the land, looking for a new way of life and a chance for new beginnings. In the essay 300 million and counting, by Joel Garreau, in Chapter 1 of the book “What Matters in America by Gary Goshgarian,” the author explains how almost every individual living in the states today arrived to America from somewhere else at some point or another throughout history, other than the Indians. I too moved with my family to the states about 20 years ago. For many it is hard to understand all the reasons of why so many immigrants choose to abandon their country, their language and their way of life. I will be explaining in greater depth of how I moved here, what my families life was like in Russia and the various reasons people choose to move to America and how the United States benefits from all these people and why we should continue immigration.

When I was four years of age my parents decided to move out of the beautiful city of Krasnodar, a city located just south of Moscow. Looking back at my early childhood I still can’t believe they did such a bold and courageous thing. In Russia, my parents were living a very luxurious life, where they were wealthy and very well respected. My mother was a boss of a huge factory chain, and my father was a well known professional photographer. He even had a lot of his art in a well known museum in Moscow; it was a museum that seeked out talented artists and displayed their creative work. My parents made more than enough money to support our big family, and even though they lived a life than many only dream of, they still decided...
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