Topics: Spain, Immigration to the United States, Immigration Pages: 1 (323 words) Published: September 23, 2011
All three of these others have different attitudes toward immigration. Although they all maybe have different attitudes authors Mary Antin, and Emma Lazarus have more positive ones where Lee Chews is more negative. The main idea of Mary Antins journal excerpt was of her experience of immigrating over to America with her family and how amazing it was of a huge change seeing many things differently as well as education. Lee Chews main idea in his journal excerpt was of the negative treatment of the Chinese in the US and how they are treated differently from other immigrants even though Chinese are much less of a problem in things such as drunks, tramps, etc only being treated out of stereo type. Emma Lazarus’s poem was basicly a message welcoming the immigrants whether you be poor, rich, old, or young to America. Author Mary Antin in her journal excerpt is very happy having many new experiences and new looks on life being in America. Although Mary Antin may be very happy author Lee Chew is quite unhappy with the negative treatment on the Chinese in America although causing less problems being treated lower than everyone else. One experience reflecting Mary Antins view of America would be of when the student comes to take her and her sibling to school where she realizes education is free and everyone is welcome there. An experience reflecting Lee Chews view of America would be how the Irishmen and others raised an outcry against Chinese for taking there jobs even though Chinese proved to be better and more faithful workers. Three words to reflect Mary Antins view on America would be impressed, freedom, and excitement where Lee chews would be treatment, wrong, and mean. I believe the view of immigrants is different today compared to back then where we are used to immigrants and mostly all have ancestors who were immigrants and are comfortable with them.
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