Topics: Human migration, Immigration, Spain Pages: 3 (844 words) Published: March 7, 2013
Immigration is the movement of people from other countries that come into another country of especially which they are not a native in order to settle there. Immigration is made for diverse of reasons. The most important of these are escape from poverty, economic, social, political reasons, natural sisaster, unimployment and live in clover. Other causes are retirement migration from rich countries to lower-cost countries with better climate is a new style of international immigration. For example British citizens would rather to immigrate to Spain or İtaly or retired Canadian citizens to the US. While for some migrants education is the primary reason, some migrants has personal reasons, relationship between family or a partner or marriage. As can be seen there are many reasons to migrate and in more detailed examined we can see more reasons. Over the past quarter century the number of international migrants has doubled to more than 200m this trend is set to increase. (See Ian Goldin, Geoffrey Cameron and Meera Balarajan in book, “Exceptional People”) If rich countries were to admit enough migrants from poor countries to expand their own labour forces by a mere 3%, the world would be richer, according to one estimate, by $356 billion a year. (2) For instance if implemented within a well thought out policy, migration can be the most effective tool yet devised for reducing global poverty. There are pros and cons of migration for poor countries. Firstly in poor contries are loosing their the most intelligent peoples by immigration. This situation is causing damage to their economic and social country situatin. On the other hand people in poor countries to attain commercial skills. Returning expatriates will enrich their homeland by bringing new skills, new experiences, new contacts and foreing earned money. Movement of skilled workforce helps improving countries and it advantages the migrants themselves. Moreover migrants often create job opportunities for...
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