Topics: Human migration, Immigration, Indonesia Pages: 4 (1311 words) Published: December 3, 2012

Immigration is the act of moving to reside in another country permanently. People who immigrate is called immigrant or can be considered as permanent resident. In the old days, people immigrate to another country due to many factors such as changing climate, inadequate supply of food and wars. The pace of migration had accelerated since the 18th century due to the involuntary slave trade and then followed by industrialization in the 19th century. But nowadays, there are varies of reason that motivate immigration. In this essay, I will write about the factors that motivate migration and challenges immigrants face in the new country.

There are both pull and push factors that motivate migration. According to Lewis (1982),” environmental, economic, political and social problems can be categorized as push factors in migration.” Lack of employment opportunities is one of the main problems in immigration, such as in Indonesia. Indonesia ranks the 4 largest population in the world. With so many competitors to emulate with, it’s difficult to find job. The pays is not good and some are unable to support their family and is forced to be a labor in foreign countries. So, there are many people immigrate to another country hoped to get a job in there and start their new life. In Indonesia, safety is what people fear of. Criminality occurs everywhere, especially in big cities such as Jakarta and Surabaya. In 2011, there were reported 54,799 violent crimes, 64 murders, 68 rapes, 1,936 aggravated assaults, 6,807 burglaries, 7,702 thefts and 5,352 vehicle thefts. High criminality caused Indonesia to be an unsafe place to stay in.

Pull factors are the attractive part of the host country which attracts the immigrants to come, such as opportunities for better employment, higher wages, facilities, better working condition and amenities. According to C.F.Piore (1979),” Unification and migration system is also able to attract migrants, especially if there are...
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