Immigrants Problems

Topics: Immigration to the United States, Immigration, Illegal immigration Pages: 4 (1363 words) Published: March 29, 2013

Immigration refers to the movement of foreigners into another country with an aim of permanent residence .Immigrants choose to leave their home countries because of a number of reasons, including politics, family re-unification, poverty, natural disaster, or just a wish to live in new surroundings on a voluntary basis .However, immigrants face a number of problems in the destination countries. Common problems that immigrants experience throughout the globe include language barriers; legal immigration problems; homesickness and alienation; assimilation and cultural barriers; racism; barriers to basic services such as health care; and under-employment, which depend on the level of education. Here four main problems that immigrants face and the coping strategies for each problem are discussed . The immigrant’s problems and solutions include language problems; cultural problems and culture shock; and alienation and homesickness. LANGUAGE PROBLEMS

Language barrier is among the most common immigration problems that immigrants experience in the destination countries. Most immigrants decide to leave their countries of origin without bothering themselves in practicing on the language of the destination country. This results in untold problems because it lowers the likelihood of getting employment opportunities and basic services, including education and healthcare. The inability immigrants to communicate become a significant barrier to achieving comfortable life. However, there are many solutions against language problems One of the solutions to language problems is to practice well on the language of the destination country before migration. For instance, there are many institutions where a person can learn a Second Language, such as English, Spanish, French, or Germany depending on the destination country before leaving. A person can also acquire a language translation dictionary, which can be helpful in practicing on the...
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