Immigrants at Central Station

Topics: Refugee, Immigration, France Pages: 3 (1039 words) Published: August 2, 2008
"Immigrants at Central Station, 1951"
Peter Skrzynecki's poem, "Immigrants at Central Station, 1951" further explores the lengthy journey taken by refugees after fleeing the aftermath of war, as well as their emotional well-being throughout the journey. ________________________________________

Peter Skrzynecki's poem, 'Immigrants at Central Station, 1951' further explores the lengthy journey that the refugees have taken after fleeing the aftermath of the war, as well as their emotional well-being throughout the process. In the poem, Skrzynecki discusses the idea that while some journeys are by choice, the traveller may feel that they have no control over various stages of it. Without all the technicalities, there are three basic stages of a journey, the beginning, middle and end. During the beginning, in most journeys, the traveller has the most control over the journey; the destination, desired outcome and monetary factors. In the middle, these aspects may be influenced or impacted upon by certain challenges or experiences that undoubtedly arise. The end consists of the final result, the lessons learnt and the self-discovery of those who went on the journey. Overall, the stages can be influenced by a number of different factors, mostly decided along the way when little can be done to prevent them from occurring. On those journeys that come to be by force, there is even less control and a sense of uncertainty that is sure to arise during each stage. Evidence of this is shown within the second stanza. "Time waited anxiously with us" this suggests their fear of the uncertain. The length of this stanza in relation to the one preceding it also mirrors their anxiety as his thoughts become briefer and less exaggerated, which also suggests their fear and unfamiliarity with their surroundings. The fact that 'Time waited' resembles the phrase that 'time stands still', and that the refugees are object to a very long-winded journey, prone to periods with...
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