Immigrants: American Immigration Council

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Immigrants formed the American society, which is why it was originally called "the nation of immigrants" because of its welcoming policy towards immigrants. America was coined the term "melting pot" which essentially meant there were people of all origins and backgrounds mixing together. Recently many people and politicians want to decrease the amount of immigrants they let into the country closing the Open Door Policy, which was originally in place. These people have many misconceptions of immigrants and do not realize the contributions they make to the American society. America should maintain, if not, increase the number of immigrants they allow into the country. By allowing immigrants into the country it increases the diversity and expands the culture of the nation, it gives struggling people all over the world an opportunity for a better life. This country was built on immigrants who looked for opportunities, political and religious freedom.

One misconception people have about immigrants is that they have a negative impact on the economy and the wages of citizens and also take jobs away from citizens. In reality, immigration has a positive effect on the American economy. In June 2007, the President's Council of Economic Advisers issued a report on "Immigration's Economic Impact." The council concluded, "immigrants not only help fuel the Nation's economic growth, but also have an overall positive effect on the American economy as a whole and on the income of native-born American workers." Immigrants have different skills, which allow higher-skilled citizens to increase productivity, which increases their incomes. Also, as the native-born U.S. population becomes older and better educated, young immigrant workers fill gaps in the low-skilled labor markets. In addition to having an overall positive affect on the average wages of American workers, an increase in immigrant workers also tends to increase employment rates among the native-born. According to a...
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