Immigrant: Immigration and America

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  • Published : February 23, 2013
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Deportation is not a good solution to illegal immigrants
Illegal immigration has been a controversy in the US for a long time now. This existence is old and a lot of illegal immigrants have come into US through the Mexican boundary, or many other ways. Some people have entered the country legally through a visa, but then have overstayed illicitly and are working in various places. Illegal immigrants has provided the economy with price welfares as they are not waged so much, while they been extra dynamic. Deporting illegal immigrants has been a controversial argument years ago. This paper shall take a look at some evidences relevant to illegal immigration in the United States and to show that illegal immigrants should not be deported. First and foremost, illegal immigrants are important in the society of America. They take jobs that natives are unwillingly to do. Without the immigrants, who will be doing the jobs that Americans would not do? They do work like skinning, gutting and cutting fish which is not a pleasant work to do. It’s very rare to see an American to stand for ten hours or more a day in the cold to cut fish and get paid minimum wage. If they are deported, who will be doing the job? There will be a lot of vacant spots for jobs but certainly, Americans won’t do it. Dowskin mentioned in her article “In their wake are thousands of vacant positions and hundreds of angry business owners staring at unpicked tomatoes, un-cleaned fish, and unmade beds.(cite) “Somebody has to figure this out. The immigrants aren’t coming back to Alabama—they’re gone,” Rhodes says. “I have 158 jobs, and I need to give them to somebody.” (cite) Also immigration touches U.S. incomes through its impact on tax revenue and public expenditure. Immigrants pay income, payroll, sales, property, and other taxes, with lower-skilled immigrants making smaller contributions. “Immigration generates extra income for the U.S. economy, even as it pushes down wages for some workers. By...
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