Immigrant Experience

Topics: Human migration, Family, Montreal Pages: 2 (499 words) Published: February 23, 2011

Andreas Escalante

Katherine Collin

English 01988

24 February 2010

My own immigrant experience

I was born in Peru in 1991 in the capital city, Lima. For the first few years of my life, I lived and grew there. At the age of six, my parents decided to move to Canada. The situation in the country was bad back then and my parents decided that it would be better for all of us to move to Montreal. When we came here, we settled on an apartment in NDG. I entered kindergarten and my parents found a job. The main issue was for my parents the cultural integration that they had to go through (and I’m not referring only to the cold). The language and the way of life were very different from what they expected. But the aspect of my own immigrant experience would come obvious later on in my life.

My parents didn‘t settle in a neighborhood where the Latino community was. And the friends they made were from different backgrounds, but not necessarily of Latino origin.

Escalante 2

The school I went to was an International school and had students from everywhere in the world but very few Latinos as well. So I was never really in touch with my community. But I never thought it was a problem while growing up. I had my friends and never thought about it. But growing up later I realized that maybe my situation would be confusing for me. After high school finished, I ended in a weird situation. I went to a French College but didn‘t feel in my place there. So I decided to move to Vanier College.

One thing that is confusing for an immigrant is to find his identity. For some it’s easy because the parents integrate their community in the new city they settle in. So the kids grow up with kids they relate to and it’s easier to create the identity with people that came from the same background as one did. But for me it wasn‘t that easy because the fact that my parents didn‘t settle in a Latino community but also because my parents are divorced and their...
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