Immigrant Chronicle

Topics: Perception, Understanding, Sense Pages: 2 (739 words) Published: May 4, 2011
Rubric statement
Which 2 or 3 poems would you choose to write about? Write a summary of how each poem explores the rubric statement. PERCEPTIONS of belonging/ not belonging vary.“Feliks Skrzynecki” – Feliks and Peter have different perceptions of their belonging in Australia and the necessity of belonging in Australia. “St Patrick’s College” – Peter and his mother have different perceptions of the impact of his belonging at St Patrick’s College. “Postcard” – Peter initially has a different response to the postcard to the response that he imagines his parents will have. His perception of his belonging to Poland is different to his parents’ perceptions. Perceptions of belonging are shaped within personal, cultural, historical and social CONTEXTS .

“Feliks Skrzynecki” – His father’s sense of belonging with his friends and his garden come from his cultural context (Polish), personal and historical context (forced labour). Peter’s contrasting sense of alienation comes from his cultural context (son of migrants who has never been to Poland at this stage), personal context (experience of education). “In the folk museum” – Peter’s sense of alienation in the folk museum comes from his completely different cultural, historical and social context. He struggles to relate to the rural, colonial Australian experience. A sense of belonging can come from the CONNECTIONS made with people, places, groups, communities and the larger world.“Feliks Skrzynecki” – Peter’s father’s strong sense of belonging comes from his connections with his friends (people), garden (place) and his cultural heritage. “10 Mary St” – This poem explores Peter’s strong connection to place and the discomfort that comes when the place is threatened (“gazetted for industry”) “Postcard” – Peter initially feels a lack of connection to the postcard, distancing himself from it. However, it is ambiguous at the end of the poem whether he will strive to form a connection with this place by visiting Warsaw....
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