Immersive in Multimedia

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Immersive in Multimedia

By | April 2010
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Introduction to Immersive Multimedia

The history of Immersive Multimedia began with the concept of Virtual Reality. In the late 1960s, the desire of computer scientists and artists was to create, digitally-made ‘near-to-reality’ experiences through Interactive Multimedia. This became known as Virtual Reality. Virtual Reality, today, is a computer-created environment that a user can experience through the senses of sight, hearing and touch. Immersive Multimedia is a combination of multimedia elements and interactivity in Virtual Reality. Immersive refer to computer generated simulation of reality with physical, spatial and visual dimension. This interactive technology is used by architechs, science and engineering research and the arts, entertainment, and video games industry. Virtual Reality system can simulate everythings from walk through of a building prior to construction to simulations of aircraft flight and three dimension computer games.

Immersive technologies and virtual reality are powerful and compelling computer application by which humans can interact and interface with computer generated environment in a way that mimics real life sense engagement. As 3D and immersive technology becomes more integrated and available for a wide range of application. It require well designed user interfaces and innovative content for the next generation of computer games and integrated technology like mobile devices distributed web systems and desktop application.

Example Of Immersive Multimedia





Example Of Immersive Multimedia in Entertainment


Virtual Football


Virtual Gliders


Aircraft Virtual Games


Counter Strike Virtual Games


Formula 1 Virtual Games


Adventure Kayak Games


Virtual Truck Games

VR has a lot of positive benefits....

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