Immaculate Conception Hospital Payroll System with Digital-Based Inquiry Service and Using Biometrics Technology Application

Topics: Immaculate Conception, Payroll, Roman Catholic Mariology Pages: 7 (2415 words) Published: July 16, 2012
Many lines in the industry are now involved in using technologies to make their processes easier and less time. Technology is changing very fast and these changes are all into a higher level of upgrading and improvements that will give additional benefits to the user. With this, if any establishment or a business is outdated in the use of technology, they will not experience the dynamic process that can give by the technology in the system. Immaculate Concepcion Hospital is located at San Pablo City operate in the industry by giving their services to their patients, thirty eight years since 1974. The building was established and privately owned by Mr. Armando Reyes, and currently the organization inside the building is continually rented the establishment since then. Currently the hospital is under in the administrative of Mr. Jessie Reyes, he replace his father position when his father retired. As of now, the Immaculate Concepcion Hospital consider as outdated into improvements using technology in their processes. Traditionally, such information are being gathered and transmitted by either manual or electronic means, sent to a central point where payroll would be processed and other reports are being prepared. The manual way consume much time of encoding and computation of hours, which results to the delay and affects the payroll preparation and most of the time, requires numerous employees to complete the task. They stocked in their old method of processing all their transactions inside their establishment which result different problems. Therefore the proponents think how to help them to have a system that can process their transaction of payroll more accurate, easier and modernized. Technology evolved faster as we expected, because technology will make a work easier with less effort and time. The proponents proposed a system entitled Immaculate Concepcion Hospital Payroll System with Digital-based Inquiry System and Biometrics Technology Application. This proposal will surely benefit the client. Embracing this kind of technologies will satisfy the user and the organization inside the establishment by having the progress and improvements. 1.1 STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM

1.1.1General Problem
The general problem of the study is that Immaculate Concepcion Hospital is stocked in the old method that they are using in their payroll process and absence of technologies in their process results different disadvantages.

1.1.2Specific Problem time card does not exist in their system, they only use a sheet of paper every day and they called it Daily Time Record. This record sheet includes the list of all employees' name, they will just write the time of their arrival and departure and sign. This traditional system is found inaccurate and less secured due to different reasons such as manual encoding of attendance to payroll program that results to slow payroll process. Signing the record sheet is unmonitored, because the guard is the responsible in monitoring the employees log in and log out, sometimes the security guard on duty can’t monitor it properly due to other tasks to be attended in the hospital. Immaculate Concepcion Hospital experienced problem using the excel payroll system because it only includes the computation of the salary, based on employees hour worked. Their system does not handle the cash advances of the employee and sometimes due to manual coding of it they almost forgot to deduct the cash advanced. They need to wait for the next month payroll to deduct manually the cash advance that they forgot to include. During holidays, the employees still go to work but they never record their ins and outs, because hospital doesn’t really have a holiday. This concern leads to mishandling of holiday and other bonuses. their current process, summary of reports generation takes too long for the preparation, because some information needed in...
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