Imigration Aftermath

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Immigration’s Aftermath
Through his essay, "Immigration’s Aftermath" Alejandro Portes portrays the long term effect of the ongoing events of the immigrants getting into America and taking the lob paying jobs.
Portes starts his essay by giving statistics of the U.S census and keeping his readers interested in how the face of America is being changed by immigrants. I agree to that statement and I also believe that America is a melting pot meaning, America is made up of many different people from many different countries so really there is no such thing as American if you think about it. Anyway, Portes goes on and talk about how the labor need of the American society is the main reason why immigrants are constantly being brought or accepted into the country. I totally agree to this statement too. Many immigrants come to America hoping to get a better job and to better their life’s and their kid’s life’s.

Portes finished his essay by stating that “the short-term economic benefits of immigration are easy to appropriate by the urban firms, ranches, and farms that employ this labor, ensuring their profitability. If the United States wants to keep indulging its addiction to cheap foreign workers, it had better do so with full awareness of what comes next. For immigrants and their children are people, not just labor, and they cannot depends on what happens to these children. The prospect for many, given the obstacles at hand, appears dim.” I don’t entirely agree with this statement, although I wouldn’t argue it for I have no knowledge of the statistics. But from my experience around kids of this generation, I think kids are getting smarter at a younger age and learning at a faster pace than ever before.
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