IMC Planning Starts at Zero

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  • Published : January 23, 2011
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Chapter Perspective (ANALOGY: MUSICAL SCORE)

IMC is like an orchestra
Musical score guides all the members of the orchestra to play together IMC plan guides all the members of an organization to work together

IMC Planning Starts at Zero

Zero-based planning:
A process that determines objectives and strategies based on current brand and marketplace conditions

Start a new!!!

In the real world, many organizations pay lip service to “zero-based” planning or ignore it completely. Why? It’s human nature. It is simply much easier and less time consuming to find last year’s plan, dust it off, make a few minor changes, and present it as a new plan.

There’s only one problem: last year’s SWOTs may no longer apply. As a result, the new plan may be addressing old issues—and wasting marketing money.

IMC Planning Reasons

Provides a Rational Process
Informs Everyone of Expectations
Ensures That the Program Is Integrated
Helps Identify Budget
Creates a Benchmark for Measuring Results

Typical Results: An Annual Campaign
Annual campaign: A set of MC messages with a common theme that runs for a specified period of time to achieve certain MC objectives.

Where IMC Plan Fits in the Organization?
Corporate Level
Business Plan:
Focused on the profits and brand equity

Department Level
Department Plan:
Marketing operations/
production, human resources
MC Level
IMC plan:
Advertising, publicity, sales promotion, events and sponsorships, direct response

What Are the 6 Steps in the Process?
Step 1: Identify Target Audiences
Step 2: Analyze SWOTs
Step 3: Determine MC Objectives
Step 4: Develop Strategies and Tactics
Step 5: Set the Budget

Think About It
What types of products target you, as a college student?

Insight: The 4 Cs
Some marketers think of the 4Cs in addition to the 4Ps:
1) Consumers: Ask consumers how your brand compares to competitors 2) Cost: Ask consumers how they perceive the cost of your brand vs....
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