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1.Current Situation3

1.1Current Performance3

2Corporate Governance4

2.1Board of Directors4

3External Environment4

3.1Societal Environment (PESTDN)4
3.1.1 Political-Legal4
3.1.2 Economic5
3.1.3 Sociocultural6
3.2Task Environment (Porter’s Five Forces)7
3.3Consumer Behaviour Analysis10
3.3.1Cultural Factors11
3.3.2Social Factors11
3.3.3Personal Factors11
3.3.4Psychological Factors12

4Internal Environment12

4.1Corporate Structure12
4.2Corporate Culture13
4.3Corporate Resources13
4.3.1Porter’s Value Chain13
4.3.2Financial Analysis16
4.4BCG Model21

5SWOT Analysis22

5.1Situational Analysis22

6Strategy Formulation24

6.1Segmentation, Positioning and Positioning24
6.1.1Creative Professionals (Business Market)24
6.1.2Education (Educators and Students)25
6.1.3Growth Rate of Market25
6.1.4Demographic Segmentation26
6.1.5Geographic Segmentation26
6.1.6Behavioural Segmentation26
6.1.7Psychographic Segmentation27
6.1.8Market Targeting & Positioning27
6.2Ansoff Matrix: Product-Market Strategies28
6.3BCG Model Analysis29
6.3.2Recommendations for Apple based on BCG positioning31 6.44Ps and PLC31
6.4.5Product Life Cycle34


7.1Short Term (Within 1 year)36
7.2Mid-Term (2 to 3 years)36
7.3Long Term (3 to 5 years)36
7.4Schedule Chart37

8Evaluation and Control37


Reference List40

Current Situation

1 Current Performance

In the mid-1980s, Apple computer reinforced its technological advantage through the introduction of its Macintosh (MAC) personal computer. However, Microsoft Windows Operating System and Office Software coupled with Intel microprocessors causing Apple to fall behind in the PC market share to being just a niche player by the mid-1990s. At the beginning of the 21st century, the introduction of iPod catapulted Apple back to being the darling of the industry. Now, the company makes announcement on new products and services on a continuous basis.

2 Mission

Apple Computer’s mission is to design, manufacture and market PCs, and related software, services, peripherals and networking solutions. Apple also has another mission which is to design, develop and market a line of portable digital music players along with related accessories and services including the online distribution of third – party music, audio book, music videos, short films and television shows.

3 Objectives

Their current objective is to remain number one in portable digital music players market. They attempt to do this by having differentiation strategy for each of its key products –Mac, iPods, and iTunes, re-establish a retail presence and to design and develop new products using its own.

4 Strategies

One of Apple’s strategies is to innovate in the design of new products and to utilize technology convergence in new products. The company is working towards being a leader in the portable digital music players (iPod) and to grow the iMusic market share. They hope to increase sales of PCs and servers and to maintain present growth in revenues and profits and growth in MAC products.

5 Policies

Apple’s policies include converging technology in new products, finding new music sources (Apple Cos) for portable digital players, distribution of on –line music and maintaining user friendly products....
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