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Building an IMC Campaign

IMC Plan Pro Disk


The Building an IMC Campaign exercises in the Clow and Baack Advertising, Promotion, and Integrated Marketing Communications (2e) textbook are designed to help you apply the theories and concepts presented in various chapters and to help you produce an IMC plan that can be placed in a portfolio. Each new chapter suggests specific tasks that build on materials you have learned in previous chapters. When the project is finished, you will have prepared a complete IMC campaign. To simplify the tasks, it is recommended that you deal with three overall IMC objectives. The first IMC objective is targeted toward consumers, the second should be for the distribution channel, and the third should focus on other businesses.

While the textbook has an overview of “Building an IMC Campaign,” the Website and the accompanying IMC Plan Pro CD-ROM are much richer and provide more details and information to assist you. A detailed outline is provided for you so you can see all of the sections of the IMC Plan at a glance. The IMC Plan Pro software also contains numerous sample IMC campaigns. Outline

In preparing the IMC campaign, it is recommended that you utilize the following outline. As shown, you are asked to develop three IMC communication objectives based on a promotional analysis and the product's corporate and brand image strategy. From these three communication objectives, you will integrate the various IMC components into a seamless communication plan. Please keep in mind the outline is merely a guide and can be modified to fit your particular company or product.

1.0Executive Summary

2.0Promotion Opportunity Analysis

2.1Communications Market Analysis
2.1.1Competitive Analysis
2.1.2Opportunity Analysis
2.1.3Target Market Analysis
2.1.4.Customer Analysis
2.2Market Segmentation Strategy

3.0Corporate Strategies

3.1Corporate Image Strategy
3.2Brand Development Strategy
3.3Brand Positioning Strategy
3.4Distribution Strategy
3.5Business-to-Business Strategy
3.6Public Relations Strategy

4.0Integrated Marketing Communications Management

4.1IMC Objectives
4.2IMC Budget
4.3Agency Selection
4.4Internet Web site

5.0Integrated Marketing Communication Objective One (Consumer) 5.1Budget
5.2Integrated Marketing Communication Methodologies
5.2.1Advertising Goals and Budget Brief Design
5.2.2Consumer Promotions Allocation Promotion Selection Consumer Promotions
5.2.3Personal Selling
5.2.4Sponsorship Programs
5.2.5Database Programs Warehouse Marketing Marketing Shopper Program
5.3Media Plan

6.0Integrated Marketing Communication Objective Two (Distribution Channel)

6.2Integrated Marketing Communication Methodologies
6.2.1Advertising Goals and Budget Brief Design
6.2.2Trade Promotions Allocation Promotion Selection Design
6.2.3Personal Selling
6.2.4Database Programs Warehouse Marketing
6.3Media Plan

7.0Integrated Marketing Communication Objective Three (Business-to-Business)

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