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Integrated marketing communications plan-outline.

LG’s Smartouch laptop IMC.

Review of Marketing Plan

The Integrated marketing communication plan will give a precise insight of the laptop environment LG will have to evolve in as well as an audit of LG’s position within this environment in term of brand awareness. This document will help LG improve its brand image in order to make the company enter in the era of Touch Green Laptop technology, a segment still undervalued which can become the new flagship product and enhance LG last decade commitment in environmental issues.

Description of industry the product competes.

The IMC will be designed for the Smartouch laptop of LG. This new brand product announce a real revolution among the laptop/notebook segment in the high-tech industry. Not only in the green aspect , but also in the touch technology development. Size/Growth.The laptop shipment market represented in 2011: 214,6 million units worldwide, 105,4 million units on the mature markets and 201,3 million units on the Emerging markets ( IDC tables,2011, fig 1). The worldwide rate growth is expected to be +10,2% in 2012 which is a very high rate showing the dynamism of the market and development potential of this segment. The laptop market should know between 2012 and 2015 an even bigger development due to the rise of multitouch technology.The multitouch market has made in revenue $ 4.3 billion in 2009 and $ 7.1 billion in 2010, $13.4 billion in 2011 and according to display search by 2017 it will be $ 23.7 billion. 5. ( Venture Beat .com , 2011) Trends.The multitouch trend is really strong and all the laptop market is converging slowly but surely towards this technology. The current trend market of tablets and Hybrid laptops ( tablet and laptop) with Apple Ipad, Samsung GalaxyTab or Acer Zenbook ( when you turn the screen, it becomes a tablet)... The second trend which is under-developped at the moment but starts to have its defenders within the high-tech industry is the Green Trend. More and more companies emphasize on their environment behaviour and try more or less to have an impact either on the production( Toshiba) or the packaging( Apple)or the energy consumption (Lenovo). The green laptop market as such is still at its pre-launching life cycle and the trend could be exploited if it is well presented. Key factors.The Key factors to succeed in this environment are the maturity of touch technology allied with a strong ecological step into a real commitment in a longer term sustainable technology.

Company background

LG (Life’s good) is a South Korean company specialized in electronic appliances. LG is best known for home appliances but has over the years developed lines in phone and computing. Presence status within the industry. LG has recently changed its positioning strategy.Depending on the high-tech segment they are in, LG brand awareness is more or less of strong.LG was established in 1958 its main focus at first was home appliances. But their expertise in electronic product evolved into a more advance digital era. This expertise led them to develop globally, you can find an LG product everywhere you go. ( LG,2012) Product lines. LG product lines are concentrated on home appliances, TV, mobile,informatic, A/C and lightnings. The less recognized product lines is the informatic and especially the laptop branch and the most recognized product is TV. Sales History. In 2010, LG has succeeded a total of 55753804 KRW of sales and in 2011, LG has only sold for 54256585 KRW.( LG Consolidated Interim Financial Statement,2011) Their gross profit has slightly went down from 12300708 to 12198990 but the company is still doing very well thanks to the LG home entertaining and their TV which turned out to an operating profit of $232 million.( LG, 2012)The mobile segment represents 3,6 billion in sales, the home appliances represent 2,1 billion, A/C 3,5 billion. LG is a company that always had higher sales...
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