Imc Evaluation of Bmw

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IMC Evaluation of BMW Print-ad and Commercial

In my IMC of a BMW Print-ad and commercial, I will be analyzing the message, communication strategy, and marketing strategy of the company and how the two ads are similar and different. The message section will be answering the question “what is communicated by BMW?”, while communication strategy and marketing strategy will be answering the “how” and “why” questions of the message. I will be writing about each ad separately and explaining how they are integrated in BMW’s unified message to the public.


The first element of BMW’s advertising campaign that I chose to analyze was a commercial of a BMW M5. Before viewing this commercial, my initial thoughts were, “this is going to be about the ultimate driving machine.” This has been BMW’s trademark catch-phrase for as long as I can remember. BMW is the car company that has always been raising the bar for car standards; all other entry-level to higher-level luxury cars all strive to be included in the same context as BMW. The difference between Lexus, Infiniti, Audi, and other competitor’s messages in commercials to BMW messages is that BMW almost never shows off the luxuries of the automobile while the others almost primarily do. In BMW ads like the commercial I analyzed, BMW’s message is clear. They are showing the land speed record being broken by a man driving a car that looks like a rocket. At the end of the commercial, a man comes into the picture to adjust a camera hooked to the side of a BMW M5 that was driving ahead of the rocket car filming it. At the end of the commercial, BMW displays a message that the new M5 is the fastest saloon car on the planet, referring to a sedan. While they could have mentioned the M5 has some spectacular amenities and luxuries standard on the car, they only display the message that it is the fastest sedan on the planet. I believe they feel the public already understands that BMW’s produce luxury automobiles...
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