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Topics: Skin, Cosmetics, Human skin color Pages: 4 (1104 words) Published: April 8, 2013
1st person
Lily is 26 years old. she is an account assistant, working in an accounting company in Beijing. She has been using Jurlique skin care for almost three years. She likes the natural and compact packaging of Jurlique. The packaging of Jurlique is very carefully designed to prevent air from entering. It does not cause oxidation. They are guaranteed to be the freshest and most natural when it opens every time. Natural ingredients Jurlique did not add any chemical substances in skin care products. There is no burden on the skin. Most of the products are developed from herbs; it is closer to nature. She likes Jurlique herbal recovery gel and rosewater-balancing mist, these two products is the star of Jurlique products. It makes skin more beauty and healthy. Lily does not like lavender series products, because she does not like the smell of lavender. Lily usually like to watch the news on TV, listening to the music from radio in car, reading The China Daily every morning and the entertainment magazines. She also likes watching comedy and soap opera, such as The Big Bang Theory.

2nd person
Alisa is 44 years old. She is a housewife and she lives in Perth. She is a vegetarian, and also she is advocating environmental protection. She has been using Jurlique for nearly two years. When the first time she gets to know Jurlique, it was the design philosophy attracted her. The packaging of Jurlique are environmentally sustainable materials, the plants do not add any chemicals and pesticides, all artificial planting to ensure that the products of natural. Jurlique has unique cultivation method; this method is called “biodynamic”. She likes Roses and Jasmine Series products, both products taste good, they did not stimulate the skin. It also makes skin to increase the ability to withstand external contamination. She does not like Cream products of Jurlique, because it feels too much oil on skin. In her dairy life, she likes to see the pet class program on TV,...
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