Imc Analysis

Topics: Marketing, Sales promotion, Sales Pages: 10 (3128 words) Published: April 13, 2013
Danone Milk Products Inc
Lenin Street
Angarsk ANG 665083
9 November 2012
Mr Anton Navarskiy
Danone Milk Products Inc
Gagarin Street
Moscow MSC 657303

Dear Mr Navarskiy

Further to your request, I hereby attach the report discussing and developing marketing strategy for Danone using IMC mix. As discussed with you during our previous meeting, I have concentrated in my studies on IMC mix tools currently used by the company. I find the mix one of the most proper way to communicate with consumers. The report will discuss and give an explanation of using IMC mix in process of selling yogurt called Activia. Moreover, the report will support you with information how to use the tools of IMC mix in a proper way. As a fact that our company produces and sells dairy products, the impact of Integrated Marketing Communications plays a great role in the final decision of potential consumers. So, the analyzed IMC mix in our company would provide you with necessary information to take into consideration. I have conducted brief market research on the IMC mix that reveals different problems, such as how to promote the company, what kind of promotion works better, and what the ways of promotion can give the company as a result. So, the report will provide you the entire image of IMC mix. Thank you for giving me opportunity to work with you on the so important marketing project. If you have any questions about the report, do not hesitate to contact me. Yours sincerely

Roman Shakirov
Roman Shakirov – Project Manager

Report on IMC mix in Danone Company

For: Mr. A. Navarskiy (The CEO of Danone in Russia)
From: Roman Shakirov (Project manager from marketing deportment of Danone)

Executive summary
The report is mostly based on the research of IMC mix and IMC objectives for Danone Company. From the beginning the company is still producing and selling dairy products for different kinds of audience. Indeed, interaction with consumers makes major key of success for any organization. So, to become one of the most popular and reach company on the yogurt market, Danone selling Activia, must communicate with clients with usage of IMC tools.

In contemporary world it is well known for any manager that purchasing any product by a consumer is a result of successful marketing communication with this client. Different previous theoretical research works have shown that consumers can get information about certain product through six modern elements of Integrated Marketing Communication such as advertising, promotion sales, publicity, direct marketing, internet marketing and personal selling.

Yogurt is specific product, which does not claim serious and deep descriptions that should be told to a consumer to make he/she purchase it. So, as for company that produces and sales dairy product there is no need to use direct marketing personal selling. By all this, the report will discuss all things connected to advertising, internet marketing, publicity, and promotion sales.

As for any tool of marketing the mentioned tools have their objectives that the certain company can obtain using the tools; among the objectives are brand awareness, sales objectives, and favorable attitude. So, the report will discuss specifics of the objective and how they can be earned.

After these two steps, the report will provide the information on new promotional tool and main major selling idea. This paragraph will offer a new way of promotion for Activia. Moreover, there will be presented a short creativity on how the promotion should be done. In the end, the report provides the reader with some serious promotional offerings to be applied in terms of reaching IMX objectives and promotion the company on a new level.

List of Contents

The authorization and purpose of the report

This report was written for the Chief Executive Officer of Danone in Russia, Mr Navarskiy according to his request on the description of current promotional mix being...
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