Topics: Gender, Woman, Female Pages: 4 (1494 words) Published: January 14, 2013
According to Wilson key, advertisers spend $20 billion annually. As we flip through entertainment magazines every day, we see most of the ads use women's sexuality to sell products. These magazines so shamelessly exploit and objectify women's bodies. Magazines have an unrealistic and sexist standard for how women should look. The images in these magazines show women as sex objects only, and not as intelligent human beings." In fact, some have suggested that the increased emphasis in advertising on sexuality and sexual availability has reached what earlier would have been considered pornography (Mackey and Covell, 575). tall, thin, and gorgeous blonde model. She has a sexy look in her eyes with glossy lips and wears a long army dress. The model's thighs are shown, and only few parts of her body are covered with that long dress. After looking at the ad for a moment, I realized that the ad is for the lipstick not for the girl. Advertisers have many different tactics to get consumers' attention to their products, but one tactic that is most popular and effective is using women's sexuality in advertising. Advertisers show women as scantily clad, sexy, and beautiful women who are willing to drape themselves over any product the advertisers offer. An ad for hair color shows two beautiful thin white girls standing together, completely naked, except for the black skirt they are both standing in. Their arms cover their breasts, and they are laughing happily. Another ad shows a woman almost half naked climbing across what is supposed to be the galaxy (for a diamond company). Most of us know that females are more likely than males to be portrayed as sex objects in ads and fashion spread pages. Women's sexuality is used to sell things completely unrelated to sex. "Increasingly, women's presence in advertisements has no substantial relation to the product: increasingly, the women's role is to be sexy and alluring" (Mackey and Covell, 574). For example, an ad for...
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